Frequently Asked Questions


Is TradesBowl Free?

Yes! TradesBowl is a completely free service letting you find local businesses for your needs.

Are there any forms or memberships that I have to fill out or be a part of?

No! TradesBowl makes your experience a three step process. Type in your zip code, choose the service you’re in need of and call from a list of hand-picked, professional, local businesses.

Are the businesses in your service categories certified and trust worthy?

Yes. We have everything from Farms to Life Coaches to Craftsmen with us. The guidelines and requirements by the state make it extremely easy to find any business and their credentials. If we run across a business that is not registered, we do two things for everyone's safety. First, we speak of the dangers associated on everyone's involved behalf and second, offer to build their business structure legally through the state. TradesBowl has only top notch craftsmen and businesses associated with us and they are sought out and invited. They are also found through friends or referred by friends. Our businesses openly care and are all in support of the program we have created for troubled youth and most of them volunteer their time. We also have their license number in our listings category so you can see that they are legally playing by the rules. An Historic Preservationist, member of TradesBowl and Trades seminar teacher, Duffy Hoffman graciously wrote our “Searching For The Right Contractor” located on our homepage. This is advice from one of the top four preservationists in the nation on knowing what the musts are when hiring a professional craftsman. All of our members are here to help. Give them a try!

Any Business can join?

Yes but No. The services we offer are your every day needs that are met with excellence in the desired fields of your choice. We are referred to or specifically hand pick the businesses associated with us. We protect the name of superiority in business. TradesBowl believes that the community involves everyone. We want anyone who wants to support growth in their local community to be able to join our causes. We welcome any businesses that has heard of us through the grapevine to utilize our low price advertising. However, businesses are and will be researched thoroughly to protect all party's interests and so that TradesBowl is confident that we only offer professionals.

What is TradesBowl?

TradesBowl is an online, advertising website that offers trusted, hand picked or referred in professionals. TradesBowl is also an Advertising Risk Management Investment Vehicle that offers a break to businesses that are tired of paying an arm and a leg to get what they hope will come back to them as a profit. We offer our members a low priced, tax deductible service that can yield high returns throughout their yearly membership. TradesBowl is a one stop place for you to always go to find trusted local businesses that want to support their community and advertise their business at the same time. We have made TradesBowl as easy as we possibly can for you to find businesses that stand out in your local area. We want you to have an experience that saves you time and gives you the least hassle so you can enjoy life’s other pleasures.

Is TradesBowl affiliated with the community?

TradesBowl is huge on giving back. We want everyone involved with us to benefit from our services. Through our client's low price memberships, we are creating programs for troubled youth to put their destructive minds to constructive use, have created a self help program called I.L.I.F.T, donate to low income families and donate to shelters right in our local communities and neighborhoods. We believe that by saving you time, offering a solid vehicle for local businesses, donating to churches, teaching, and providing a service to the troubled youth, we are helping as much as we possibly can in our community. Anyone who uses this website is helping their community and anyone advertising on TradesBowl is supporting wholesome causes.

Local Businesses

What does TradesBowl do for me?

TradesBowl gives you a turn of the economy solution while advertising or expanding your business. We have Membership plans set up so that you can advertise in a specific area, entire counties or nation wide. Our prices prorate. We offer a unique Profile Page that showcases all of your contact information, a description of your company, your logo, a portfolio of pictures and videos and specials that you might be offering to clients for a one time, annual fee. One thing that TradesBowl can pride itself on is that we are not here to take from your pocket. We want to broaden your business so you can enjoy your hard earned dollars. Already have a website? TradesBowl provides a link for community users to click on that brings them directly to your site for free. Don’t have a website but want one? We have an awesome partner and friend at that can develop a site fit to your liking. Just look at this one! TradesBowl also offers a rotating list so that when you’re advertising your business with us, your business will never stay in the same spot after the page has been refreshed. Meaning, if you're not already a sponsor for the category, your business can be at the top of the business listings. We offer a featured member banner and a first place listing spot for an extremely low price so you can actually save your money. Furthermore, we link off to existing social media sites so your future clients can get a solid feel for who you are as a business.

Do I pay TradesBowl for leads?

Absolutely not! You advertise and expand your business through our zip code area coverage and any job that comes through us, is your job. TradesBowl is keen on helping and not taking. We want all the business that comes to you to be yours. Once enlisted, every call or opportunity that comes your way is yours to handle without our hands ever coming near it.

Are there any hidden fees that I should know about before I become a member of TradesBowl?

Absolutely not! TradesBowl is up front and honest about our pricing policies. There are no costs associated with TradesBowl, only a set, one time price for various services that lasts an entire year. What we agree on or, what you choose within your profile page, is the only service that you will be paying for. We pride ourselves on this because we ourselves are business owners that are tired of paying too much!

Do I have to know the internet to be a part of TradesBowl?

Negative. We can take care of everything. If at any time you need any assistance with signing up, call us at 215-272-9542. If calling is not your thing, you can sign up by clicking on Business Registration and begin your advertising that way. If you had us help you and you would like to take a look at your listing information, simply type into your web browser, type in your zip code, select the service you offer and there you are. If there is any information that you would like to change, give us a call at no cost at 215-272-9542. We will help you out with any changes you would like to make.

How do I become a member of TradesBowl?

There are a couple ways you become a member on TradesBowl, you find us, you are referred, or we research and reach out to invite you to be a part of our growing family. Call us at 215-272-9542 and we will have you advertising in no time.

Alan Masters